Saturday, April 14, 2012

BE Resorts joins reforestation caravan

BE Resorts joins reforestation caravan
Cebu Daily News
April 14, 2012

BE RESORTS Mactan in cooperation with Philippine Business for Social Progress joins Cebu Hillylands Reforestation caravan inbarangay Tabuna, Cebu City.

At least 1,690 seedlings of tiga, marupunyot, malasuna and lawaan were planted last Aug. 20, 2011, by BE Resorts Mactan Associates joined by employees of other companies such as Lexmark Philippines, SGV and Co., Recon Radio, Qualfon Philippines, with the support of the Philippine Navy.

As a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, BE Resorts supports Hillyland Reforestation Caravan 2011, an environmental advocacy that empowers the community by educating them in agroforestry and engaging the business sector to volunteer.

The project stemmed from the Cebu Development Program of 1991, which covers 27,000 hectares of Central Cebu protected landscape that supplies water for Cebu City, namely: Buhisan Watershed and Sudlon National Park, Central Cebu National Park, Kotkot-Lusaran Watershed and Forest Park, Mananga Watershed and Forest Park.