About PBSP

Platforms for
Collective Engagements

Committed to poverty reduction, Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP)
is the largest corporate-led social development organization in the Philippines.
It is the first of its kind in Asia leading the promotion and practice
of corporate citizenship with its 259 member companies
from large, medium-scale, and small businesses.

PBSP has been harnessing the business solutions of companies against poverty
through different expressions of corporate citizenship such as Responsible
Business Practice, Social Investment, and Policy Advocacy.

Through Platforms for Collective Engagements (PlaCEs), PBSP synchronizes all
efforts of the business sector and development stakeholders towards
a common goal using cohesive strategies and setting uniform
parameters to effect a more lasting collective impact.



Translating PlaCEs to concrete programs, PBSP engages the business sector and
development stakeholders in:
  • building more classrooms for Education
  • managing protected watersheds for Environment
  • implementing value chain or market-driven initiatives for Livelihood and Enterprise
  • harnessing greater private sector involvement in addressing public Health issues like tuberculosis and maternal and child health

Visit our official website at www.pbsp.org.ph.