Saturday, October 15, 2011

Group seeks to build 10,000 classrooms in '10 Moves'

Group seeks to build 10,000 classrooms in '10 Moves'
By Apples Jalandoni
October 15, 2011

MANILA, Philippines - This is how a typical day at Payatas Elementary School looks like.

With so many students, there's a shortage of classrooms, with some classes being held in hallways.

Here, students don't have their own tables and chairs as they share space in benches.

The Department of Education admits, this school year, 60,000 more classrooms are needed to reach the ideal.

This results in a higher drop-out rate and poor academic performance.

But the group 57-75 Movement, which is composed of the league of corporate foundations and Philippine business for social progress, may have just the solution.

Their project "Ten Moves" aims to look for 2 million Filipinos who will donate P10 pesos a day for 10 months to build 10,000 classrooms.

They say P10 is not that big an amount for those have much.

Ten pesos, after all, can only buy 10 candies, a packet of noodles or 2 cookies.

The project hopes to collect P600 million.

"Ten Moves" encourages all Filipinos to participate in improving the quality of education in the country.