Thursday, June 09, 2011

Foundation promotes environmental education

Foundation promotes environmental education
The Freeman Community
June 9, 2011

Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) promises a larger, more proactive greening event this 2011 as it introduces environmental education as another component of its annual tree-planting activity.

In partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, PBSP will kick off with the Cebu Hillylands Reforestation Caravan on June 18 at sitio Cantipla 2, Cebu City. PBSP targets to plant 15,000 tree seedlings on six hectares with more than 800 volunteers for the kickoff event.

Aside from planting tree seedlings, volunteers are encouraged to take part in various breakout activities organized during the kickoff. For this year, PBSP invited experts from Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. to discuss on the unique biodiversity of the Cebu Hillylands as well as the components of Cebu’s forests. PBSP also partnered with the Cebu Ornithological Society who will hold an exhibit on wildlife photography and discuss the mechanics of bird watching.

PBSP is the largest corporate-led foundation in the country that leads the promotion and practice of corporate social responsibility. Since 1991, the Foundation has been organizing annual reforestation caravans with help from companies and other agencies to help recover the barren areas of the Central Cebu Protected Landscape or Cebu Hillylands.

The Cebu Hillylands is a 28,300-hectare lot composed of five watershed and protected areas that span Central Cebu. It is the major source of potable water for Metro Cebu as well as home to various endemic plant and animal species and subspecies.

Through its environmental efforts, PBSP was able to reforest more than 4,000 hectares of the Cebu Hillylands with more than 10,000 volunteers from 211 institutions planting more than 10,000,000 tree seedlings.

Last year, with help from 3,700 volunteers from 100 companies, PBSP reforested more than 300 hectares with 40 native and endemic tree species.

The Foundation hopes to further increase participation of agencies, companies and individuals by bringing 5,000 volunteers to plant this year.

To date, companies and institutions who will join the kickoff on June 18 include the Philippine Institute of  Certified Public Accountants, Dedon Cebu Manufacturing Corp., PLDT Co., TMX Philippines, Inc., The Islands Group, HPOI Corp., Fooda Saversmart Corp., SMART Communications, Inc., Lexmark Research & Development Corp., Cebu Ornithological Society, Lexmark International Philippines, Inc. and Philippine Guardians, Inc.

For the following Saturdays, Yamashin Cebu Filter Manufacturing Corp., Cathay Pacific Airways, Juanito King & Sons, Aboitiz & Co., Inc., Lexmark Research & Development Corp., Taiyo Yuden Philippines, Inc., Lexmark International Philippines, Inc. and Abag sa Kalikupan, Inc. already committed to involve their employees to plant.

PBSP is still inviting more companies to join the kickoff on June 18 and the succeeding Saturdays of the reforestation caravan to meet its target to reforest at least 100 hectares of the Cebu Hillylands.

Companies and individuals can participate in PBSP’s efforts by adopting a hectare for reforestation or by bringing employee volunteers on any scheduled Saturday of the annual caravan.

The reforestation caravan will run for 18 Saturdays until October 15.