Thursday, March 17, 2011

A touch of Palafox

A touch of Palafox
By Romelinda Garces
The Freeman, Business After Business
March 17, 2011 

The first time I heard of Architect Felino A. Palafox Jr., or FPJ was through Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s president, Eric N. Mendoza.FPJ was the one who designed Eric’s home (I prefer to call it so instead of the mansion it really is because it is where Eric warmly welcomes family and friends).It’s grandiose structure gives a touch of architectural vignettes from different parts of the world. A summary of the places Eric has been to and I understand Architect Palafox has skimmed through these places as well.But it is not the design that caught me.It is the depth of the man in his trying to capture the person in his home.

This I think is what makes a Palafox.He does not just build.He BUILDs!

Now, allow me to set aside the accolades of the man for he has so many I doubt a walk-in closet could accommodate them all.Viewing the communities and cities this man has grown would make an audience sit agog.

His extensive travels and projects has no boundaries.As I sat by him when he was delivering his talk during the recent Visayas Annual Membership Meeting of the Philippine Business for Social Progress, I got a glimpse into the man behind the design that the twelve things listed on him could not capture.

In the two talks that I have heard him deliver, he advocated for efficient and sustainable structures that would make life easier and create an environment that would pursue the finer things in life, like more time for the family, social activities, and the self without sacrificing the need to attend to business.In the mega-scapesthat he has produced, he has made people essential.He builds cities for people and not people for cities.

When he designs a home, he looks at the need and wish of every member in the family.From there, he creates an atmosphere of comfort and sufficiency.A residence that would make dad want to spend more time with his family, andmom have enough time to rest and relax as she balances her career with her family priorities.The children are given close enough leisure parks and more natural environments that provide them with alternatives to being glued to their computers and have better, wholesome social interactions.

Aside from positive lifestyles, Architect Palafox also secures the communities he erects.His skill in urban planning comprehensively covers all aspects of safety as the edifice he plans considers the vulnerabilities of the land where he lays the groundwork.

In his projects, he studies the person, he builds relationships.He waves his wand of wisdom as he listens to his clients’ dreams and works on the realities he has to contend with classifying wants and needs; bringing out truths that expertly give perspective to articulated desires.

He studies the place, its government and leadership direction to forge ties and influence them to adopt communities that are sustaining and efficient.He goes out of the box and always looks at what is doable even in new uncharted areas.

We witness his prowess and flair in business centers and communities like the cluster of growing edifices he built in the metros of our country including Rockwell and Manila Southwoods and some of the SM and Robinson’s malls.His extensive projects reached the Middle East and stretched over Asia-Pacific.In every city he touches he encourages more healthful living with bike lanes and tree-shaded walkways.He blends business with leisure and family pleasure by adding homes in quaint and chic business districts that encourages deep thinking and good decisions. His name is renown for realizing social responsibility in the architectural realm.

This is the Palafox I see.The Palafox I truly appreciate.And the Palafox, our country needs and is proud of.