Friday, March 11, 2011

Private, public projects to become PBSP focus

Private, public projects to become PBSP focus
Cebu Daily News
March 11, 2011

Projects aligned with the “private and public partnerships” theme adopted by the Aquino administration will be the special focus of the Philippine Business for Social Project (PBSP), the country’s largest corporate-led, nonprofit social development foundation.

PBSP executive director Rafael C. Lopa made the announcement during last Wednesday’s 23rd Visayas Annual Membership Meeting held at Casino Español, which was participated by 112 guests from 35 member companies throughout the country.

Lopa said their projects were realigned with the national development agenda to distribute growth to the countryside and narrow down poverty gaps.

“PBSP will gear up to link community- and sectoral-based livelihood projects with the value chain of mainstream business enterprises to further ensure that the products and services of the people at the base of the social pyramid have sustainable markets,” he said.

Lopa also said they have seen the importance of Cebu businesses and industries like furniture, home ware and accessories in contributing to the country’s economy and promoting the practice of value chain integration strategy.

Among their projects are initiatives to eradicate tuberculosis, reforestation of watersheds and reduction of carbon emission, and reduction of disaster risks caused by natural calamities.

Also under the PBSP pipeline are the construction of more classrooms and livelihood opportunities.

“PBSP is working to revive the 57-75 movement with other partners in the private sector,” Lopa said in his message to the participants.