Sunday, September 05, 2010

CHATTO-LIM admin bent on poverty reduction

CHATTO-LIM admin bent on poverty reduction
The Bohol Standard
September 5, 2010

The Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), the largest social development foundation in the Philippines, is sharing Bohol’s vision of leading the business sector’s efforts to reduce poverty in the country.

Bohol Provincial Governor Edgar M. Chatto and Vice-Governor Concepcion Lim have given their nod to Local Government Units (LGUs) and the different departments and offices of the Provincial Government to give their support to PBSP and are strongly encouraging the private sector to increase their corporate social responsibility by giving assistance to whatever projects the PBSP has in line to sustain programs for health, education, enterprise development, environmental protection and sustainable livelihood for expanded province-wide poverty reduction to be able to balance conservation and food security.

The PBSP and the Chatto-Lim Administration both believe that a strong collaborative agenda to reduce poverty is needed through the rehabilitation of our degraded coastal resources and improving our farming technologies to enhance the province’s productivity, hereby improving our health and living conditions.

It is estimated that almost 40% of Boholanos live in poverty and it is essential for both PBSP and the Capitol to reduce this number by maintaining, if not increasing, our rice self-sufficiency which has risen to 113% through the strong collaboration of the Provincial Government, the LGUs and agricultural communities after years of living in scarcity.