Monday, August 02, 2010

PBSP's Reforestation Caravan Updates

Since its kickoff on June 19 at Sitio Cantipla, Tabunan, Cebu City, more and more companies are joining the Cebu Hillylands Reforestation Caravan. PBSP thanks the following companies and associations that helped us save the earth every weekend:

July 24, 2010
Euro-CB (Philippines), Inc.
Virginia Foods, Inc.
MSM Cebu

July 25, 2010
Ernesto Yu Foundation


July 31, 2010
Lexmark R&D
QUALFON Philippines, Inc.
Asiatown IT Park

The Cebu Hillylands Reforestation Caravan is PBSP's flagship program which aims for the protection of the Central Cebu Protected Landscape (CCPL), Metro Cebu's major source of potable water and the conservation of Cebu's ecological heritage.