Sunday, June 20, 2010

Keeping it green

What is the CCPL?

Found in Central Cebu is a 29,000 hectare-wide expanse of interconnected forests, watersheds and farms. The Central Cebu Protected Landscape (CCPL) is Cebu's most cherished heritage to its people with its dependable source of water and livelihood, opportunities for eco-tourism and business, and contribution to biodiversity. PBSP acknowledges this treasure and makes it a responsibility to protect the legacy of the coming generations.

Protect your legacy for the future.
You have 15 Saturdays to help save the earth.
Take one Saturday and make your save.

“15 Saturdays to Help Save the Earth” is PBSP's call to volunteers and companies to plant trees in the denuding 29,000-hectare Central Cebu Protected Landscape, also known as the Cebu Hillylands.

Every year, PBSP organizes its Cebu Hillylands Reforestation, where it invites all corporate sponsors and individual and employee volunteers to plant tree seedlings in a total of 100 hectares.

With the drastic effects brought on by the El Niño, the need for massive reforestation has been thoroughly stressed. For this year, PBSP targets to plant 300,000 seedlings in 124 hectares.

Why 15 Saturdays?
Starting from June 19, 2010, PBSP will do a series of tree planting activities within the 504-hectare adopted area of KEEP Foundation. This is in line with the country's rainy season, which ensures a greater survival rate for the trees to be planted.

  • Airlift Asia (Cebu), Inc.
  • KEEP Foundation
  • Asiatown IT Park
  • Barangay Luz
  • Barangay Magsaysay
  • Barangay Sudlon
  • Barangay Tabunan
  • Battalion Irrigators Association
  • Cebu Daily News
  • Cebu Energy Dev't. Corp.
  • Cebu Private Power Corp.
  • East Asia Utilities
  • Fooda Saversmart Corp
  • Jollibee Foods Corp-RBU Vis-Min
  • KEEP Foundation
  • Lexmark Research & Dev't. Corp.
  • Ng Khai Dev't. Corp.
  • Phil. Guardians Brotherhood Inc.
  • PLDT Co.
  • Qualfon Phils. Inc.
  • San Miguel Corp.
  • Sto. Niño de Cebu Agustinian Social Dev't. Fndtn
  • Shell Phils.
  • Sun Star Publishing Inc.
  • Tabok Workers MPC
  • TMX Phils. Inc.
  • Toledo Power Corp
  • Cebu Microelectronics Inc.