Monday, May 31, 2010

Partnerships for education: PBSP Brigada Eskwela 2010 Exclusive

Partnerships for education: PBSP Brigada Eskwela 2010
Golden Prince Hotel, PBSP turn over schoolbuilding to Cabancalan I Elementary School

The lack of classrooms is one of the country's most perrenial problems in education. With partnerships between compassionate associations, however, more pupils are being brought to better education conditions.

Golden Prince Hotel, through the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), turned over a one-classroom school building to the pupils of Cabancalan I Elementary School last May 26, 2010.

The small school building, which costs P340,000 to construct, will help ease the shortage of classrooms in the school that has a  population of over 2,000 students.

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Que, parents of Golden Prince Hotel
President Benedict Que, led the ribbon cutting ceremony
for the schoolbuilding blessing and turnover.

In an earlier interview, Cabancalan I Elementary School principal Aliena Quimque expressed how thankful she was for Golden Prince and PBSP in initiating projects for education, especially those that answer the school's lack of classrooms.

As of April 2010, the school's enrolment has already blown up to 2,000 pupils compared to last year's 1,900.

“We understand that the school will expand from five sections to six sections, and this new schoolbuilding can somehow fill the need of classrooms for the additional sections,” PBSP VIXCOM Chairman Jose Antonio Aboitiz said.

From left: PBSP VIXCOM Chairman Jose Antonio Aboitiz
and Golden Prince Hotel President Benedict Que
with his family.

Corporate citizenship through the years

“We thank PBSP for helping us bring this project to fruition... we hope this will serve as an example to other companies to do what is best for the community,” Golden Prince President Benedict Que said during the turnover.

Mr. Benedict Que making his speech during 
the turnover program.

PBSP is the country’s largest corporate-led social development foundation committed to reducing poverty in the Philippines through programs in health, education, sustainable livelihood, and the environment. Golden Prince Hotel is one of the newest members recruited by the foundation for this year.

A memorandum of agreement (MOA) was previously signed between Cabancalan Elementary School, Golden Prince Hotel and PBSP in April for the construction of the schoolbuilding. Under the agreement, Golden Prince Hotel would fund the project which will be implemented, managed and monitored by PBSP.

Another PBSP member company, San Miguel Corporation, also donated reading materials to the school.

“We really are doing our best to exercise our corporate social responsibility by helping communities,” SMC Communications Officer Romelinda Garces said. 

Books donated by San Miguel Corporation.

An offering to education

The official turnover highlights PBSP's Brigada Eskwela initiatives in the Visayas, which ran from May 24 to 28.  Member companies of PBSP donated paint, repair and cleaning materials and additional school supplies to help selected public schools to prepare for the opening of classes.  

Cabancalan I Elementary School teachers 
during their song presentation for the guests.

In his speech, Que explained his company’s motivation to help the local school, “I believe that true education can help you choose right from wrong. True education can eradicate poverty and true education can choose a leader who can lead us to a better tomorrow.”

The event was also attended by the Que family, Mandaue City Schools Superintendent Virginia Zapanta and Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes.

From left: Mr. Benedict Que, Mrs. Aliena Quimque,
Mr. Que's parents, Mrs. Romelinda Garces and other 
Deped representatives.

Partnerships cemented

“This is a very good example of cooperation between the business sector, school and local government in order to improve the lives of of the community,” PBSP VIXCOM Chairman Jose Antonio Aboitiz added.

Symbolic turnover of the key of the school 
from Golden Prince and PBSP
to Cabancalan I Elementary School of Mandaue City.

 Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes.

In his speech, Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes assured PBSP and the business sector that the local government unit will continue to support and accommodate programs that will benefit the communities of the city.

“This will not be the end but will be continuous between the LGU and PBSP,” he added.

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