Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's work together for Brigada Eskwela 2010!

Siblings Luisa and Julio love to study; Luisa dreams of becoming a nurse while Julio wants to build one of those airplanes he sees gliding in the skies.

It is still a month before the next school year opens but the brother and sister decided to visit their public school early.  They wanted to see the classrooms they might be using, hoping they don’t have to study out in the open for yet another school year with nothing but the shade of the narra tree over their heads.

A sad sight met Luisa and Julio:

 Is this the school we want for future generations?

We can make the lives of more students happier by giving them better schools. Help make Luisa's and Julio's dreams come true.

Join PBSP's Brigada Eskwela this coming May 24 to 28. Be a donor or volunteer!

How can you help?

Be a donor
. Our classrooms need cleaning materials, books and school supplies, slippers or shoes and school bags, food for snacks, among others.

Be a volunteer. Share your time and help us clean up the schools, fix damaged desks, and repaint walls.

For more details and other inquiries, you may call Miss Olive Jabido through (32) 232-5270 or 232-5283 or through email at MGJabido@pbsp.org.ph or pbspvro@pbsp.org.ph.

We work better together!

...and so in the end , Luisa and Julio can spend happy days in school and get a step closer to their dreams!