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A Better Life: The 22nd Visayas Annual Membership Meeting

"It is precisely because neither individuals nor small groups can be fully self-sufficient that cooperation is necessary to human survival and flourishing." - Tom G. Palmer

FOR 40 years, PBSP's programs are implemented with the intention of making systems more efficient and livelihood more sustainable. For every project that is adopted, another recipient is grateful for the assistance PBSP has extended. As more companies become increasingly aware of their responsibilities for holistic social development, more Filipinos are likewise being lifted from poverty.

In celebration of its 22nd year of being a corporate-led establishment, PBSP-Visayas recognized the efforts its member companies have given to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by holding their 22nd Visayas Annual Membership Meeting on March 10, 2010. More than 200 delegates from member companies, partners, donors and other sectors convened to express their strong commitment for another year of implementing CSR programs.

"There is no task too great nor a burden too heavy for those who, hand in hand, strive for its fulfilment. Therefore let me start this annual gathering by personally thanking all of you for your involvement in PBSP’s programs and for your belief that a better life is possible for all Filipinos. I think each one of us in this beautiful, familiar hall deserves a generous round of applause," VIXCOM Chairman Jose Antonio Aboitiz said in his welcome speech.

PBSP VIXCOM Chairman Jose Antonio Aboitiz delivers his welcome message.

"We were all made aware that 2009 was going to be difficult for the economy. And it was indeed a challenging period with tens of thousands of our workers here and abroad losing their jobs and hundreds of companies downsizing their operations. Further, the natural disasters in Luzon ravaged many communities, a significant number of which are our priority areas. Yet our hopes were not crushed and our member companies continue to invest in development projects. Hope is truly a stubborn root and now that our economy is recovering, it is wonderful to envision good years ahead. One of the highlights of our program today is the launching of three new projects that are testament to PBSP’s positive outlook for Filipino communities. A better life is poss
ible. A better life is happening," he added.

PBSP VIXCOM Member Melanie Ng
acknowledges the guests
during the 22nd VAMM.

PBSP is the largest and longest established foundation of companies dedicated to the reduction of poverty by implementing projects that gear towards self-reliance. The meeting took account of the various programs PBSP has implemented in 2009 and present PBSP's targets and directions in 2010 with the help of its member companies, partner organizations and donors.
During the VAMM, P50-million worth of environment projects were launched and 11 new members were recognized.

A testament of a better life. One of the communities which PBSP has helped, the Sibunag Seaweeds Growers and Traders Association (SSGTAI), also attended the VAMM to share how PBSP has helped them get a better life. When the oil spill hit the island of Guimaras in 2006, PBSP was one of the foundations which led in helping the most affected communities recover from the disaster.

Rodelio G. Gambito of the
Sibunag Seaweeds Growers and Traders Association
shares how SSGTAI's members have earned
a better life with the help of PBSP.

"Nang panahon na yon, ramdam na namin ang paghihirap ng pagkakakitaan. Salamat sa tiwala at tulong nyo lalo na sa panahon na kailangang-kailangan namin ito. Sa Guimaras, kayo lang ang tagalabas na tumulong sa amin. Sa aming donor sa seaweeds – PHINMA/TransAsia Oil Corporation, Angelo King Foundation sa pamamamgitan ng PBSP, sa Mercury Drug Corporation na nagbigay sa amin ng potable water, salamat. Pag-iingatan at papalaguin po namin ang tulong nyo para po sa kinabukasan ng aming mga anak at ang pangangalaga sa dagat," Rodelio Gambito of SSGTAI said.

"We thank the CEOs and CSR heads of our member companies who, through their leadership and action, mobilized corporate resources for social work. We thank those who personally visited our partner-communities to see how our brand of social responsibility is helping create change in our society. But beyond performance in numbers, it is worthwhile emphasizing that our commitment to poverty reduction is permanent and long-term. We do not just come with one-time gifts. instead, we forge a partnership with the families and the community until they develop the capacity—and the will—to continue with the programs we started with them. Our goal of building self-reliant communities in the long-term is what distinguishes our CSR practice. Whilst this path is laborious and takes years of nurturing, the road less traveled is more fulfilling," PBSP Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said in his speech which was read by VIXCOM Chairman Jose Antonio Aboitiz.

More in the bandwagon. The 22nd VAMM also witnessed the recognition of 11 new members in the Visayas.

PBSP VIXCOM Vice Chairman
Jose Levi Villanueva introduces
the new PBSP member companies.

"In the history of PBSP in the Visayas,
this is by far the year with the most number of new members.
We now have 261 member companies
and 71 are based in the Visayas," PBSP VIXCOM Vice Chairman Jose Levi Villanueva said.

These new members are the following: (1) Bohol Resort Development Incorporated; (2) Dumaguete City Development Bank; (3) Golden Prince Hotel and Suites; (4) Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa; (5) Maestrado Creative Communications Consultancy; (6) Markest Corporation; (7)PhilPacific Insurance Brokers and Managers Incorporated; (8) Qualfon Philippines Inc.; (9) Sun Star Publishing Incorporated; (10) Victoria Hard Rock Resort and (11) Vivant Corporation.

Jose Antonio Aboitiz and Melanie Ng with
the new PBSP member companies.

A better life. The 22nd VAMM also officially launched the release of its coffee table book entitled, "A Better Life: Stories of Corporate Social Responsibility," a visual and textual narrative of distinguished companies that have gone out of their way to help their fellow Filipinos. The coffee table book was formally introduced to the public by PBSP VIXCOM member Eileen Mangubat.

Right. PBSP VIXCOM Member Eileen Mangubat as she formally introduced the coffee table book.
Left. Performance by the Cebu Normal University Dance Troupe.

"In the course of implementing our programs in communities far and near, we have also gathered triumphant stories that must never be forgotten. The stories that we have gathered through the years are about ordinary people – men and women, farmers and fisherfolk, children and youth, workers and small en-trepreneurs – who make extraordinary changes in their lives. Their stories make A Better Life a watershed of inspiration. And it is our desire that their vibrant im-ages, moving stories and touching vignettes will enthuse generations of corpo-rate citizens and spur them to action. A Better Life is indeed a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit," she said.

Millions worth of projects. The 22nd VAMM also witnessed the turnover of checks which signified the launching of P50-million worth of projects PBSP will implement in the next years.

The European Union donated almost P32 million for the rehabilitation of degraded coastal resources in the Visayas. The Visayan Electric Company (VECO) and PBSP also partnered for a reforestation project worth P19 million. The project will plant one million trees in 540 hectares in the Cebu Hillylands and 10 hectares of mangrove areas in Mactan.

(Right) Atty. Hidelito Pascual introduced
the event's keynote speaker,
Atty. Antonio Oposa

Atty. Antonio Oposa stresses the importance of conserving and preserving the environment in his keynote address. He was given a copy of the Coffee Table Book as a sign of PBSP's appreciation.

For his years of rendering his service to PBSP, Mr. Ricardo Santiago, PASAR’s consultant on Corporate Affairs and Human Resource Management, was presented with a plaque of appreciation from PBSP. He has served PBSP’s Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regional executive committees for 20 years.

PBSP believes that by never losing momentum of its pace in giving projects for the poor, a better life for every Filipino is possible. The 22nd VAMM marks another year that promises more projects on education, health, environment, livelihood and enterprise so more Filipinos around the country can achieve better lives.


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