Saturday, February 13, 2010

Corporate citizenship defined

Corporate citizenship defined
February 13, 2010

Corporate citizenship, also known as corporate social responsibility, remains a vague concept among the general public. Even businesses themselves follow their own principles in the implementation of corporate social responsibility. This makes the public more confused about what CSR really means: what it is, why it should be done, who are benefited from it and how to act on it. This concern needs to be urgently addressed since the public has to be aware of the roles they should take to help strengthen CSR.

PBSP is one among the many businesses that has seen the need for people, especially aspiring entrepreneurs, to take conscious effort in recognizing their responsibilities as CSR advocates. This is why PBSP has come up with a new coffee table book entitled “A Better Life: Stories of Corporate Social Responsibility”, an accounting of its member companies' CSR programs detailed through pictures and text.

This will be the first book that was ever published dedicated solely to corporate citizenship. It is divided into three main sections, namely: Better Communities, Better Citizens and Better Earth.

The book will be launched on March 10, 2010, in line with PBSP's Visayas Annual Membership Meeting. A special exhibit for the launch will be staged at the SM Northwing Center.