Thursday, January 28, 2010

PRA-Cebu to raise funds to push "green" advocacy

PRA-Cebu to raise funds to push "green" advocacy
By Ehda M. Dagooc
The Freeman News
Updated January 28, 2010

CEBU, Philippines - The Philippine Retailers Association (PRA-Cebu) aims to raise funds to support its “green retailing” advocacy, to make Cebu the ultimate pioneer in pushing “green initiatives” among retail players.

PRA-Cebu will not only push for the “Every Bag Counts” campaign program, which will encourage retailers to use biodegradable shopping bags, but also the holistic approach of implementing “green” operation of retailers.

In cooperation with Cebu City Marriott Hotel and the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), PRA-Cebu will be holding a post Valentine Benefit Dinner Show on February 20.

With a total accommodation of 350 seating capacity pegged at P800 per head, PRA-Cebu hopes to raise a considerable amount of money to sustain its serious effort in going to promote “green retailing” in Cebu.

Apart from the “Every Bag Counts” campaign, chairperson Chester Lim said the group will also introduce various kinds of “green” initiative program within the “re-use; re-cycle; reduce” system.

This would include exposing retail players to right way of reducing cost, providing effective information how to employ recycling techniques (especially for food and beverage sector).

“There are many ways to help the environment. Now, we have to raise our own money, and not depend on the government support. Although, we hope that the government will soon recognize the importance of the “green campaign” [at least for retailers],” said Lim.

The “green retailing” campaign is not only aimed at encouraging retailers to fully embrace “green” operation, but also promote the trend “green” lifestyle.

PRA-Cebu is the pioneer in advocating “green retailing” in the Philippines. In fact, PRA-Cebu president Melanie Ng said the Manila group is planning to follow what Cebu has started.

According to Ng, part of the proceeds that can be generated on the “Dinner for Cause” will be donated to the PBSP’s adopt a hectare Reforestation Project, which is in line with PRA-Cebu’s green advocacy.

This will not entail financial donation though, but also involvement and achieving sustainable development, Lim said.

“First phase may only information drive and consumer awareness but PRA Cebu commits to a long term program to sustain this advocacy,” Lim added.

“We believe that through the help and support of every Cebuano retailer and consumer through awareness for our Every Bag Counts campaign we will be one step closer to achieve our goal. Total attainment of this dream at this time may be impossible to achieve but we hope that by embarking on this campaign, consumers will be more aware that Every Bag Counts,” Lim concluded.