Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Join PBSP's Cebu Hillylands Reforestation Caravan 2009!

Beyond the concrete and steel skyscrapers that are continuously sprouting in Metro Cebu’s soils during the last two decades, one is everyday greeted, especially during days with clear blue skies, by sights of mountain ranges perennially kissing the heavens. These mountain ranges are the Cebu Hillylands, also known as the Central Cebu Protected Landscape.
But the Cebu hilylands are not just backdrops of Metro Cebu’s growing economy. This landscape is home to numerous flora and fauna, and most significantly, the source of Metro Cebu’s water. To preserve this important ecological heritage, the reforestation of the Cebu hillylands remains at the forefront of PBSP’s development efforts.

Each year, during the rainy season, covering the months of June to September, PBSP brings thousands of volunteers from business, government, academe and civil society to plant trees in denuded areas in the Cebu Hillylands. The 2009 Cebu hillylands reforestation caravan will kick off in the morning of June 27, 2009 at Sitio Cantipla, Barangay Tabunan, Cebu City. Interestingly, Tabunan is the home of the only second growth forest in Central Cebu. The site is approximately 45 minutes from Cebu City and can be reached via the transcentral highway. Assembly will be at 7:00 A.M. at Asiatown IT Park, specifically in the lot fronting Figaro at The Walk.

This year, PBSP gears to plant 250,000 indigenous seedlings in 100 hectares. This will be achieved by the participation of at least 3,000 volunteer tree planters. PBSP invites volunteers to join the caravan every Saturday starting on June 27 until September 26. PBSP prepares the tree-planting sites while the volunteers shall provide their own transportation, food and water, and tools like trowels or bolos.
Since 1991, PBSP’s partnership with the business sector has resulted to the reforestation of 950 hectares. Meanwhile, partnerships with the government, donor agencies and communities have reforested 3,500 hectares. Beyond reforestation, PBSP is helping 2,500 households in the Cebu hillylands through projects on farming, alternative livelihood, and basic social services.

For booking arrangements, please call PBSP at (032) 232-5270 or 232-5283, or visit the PBSP Visayas Regional Office at the 4/F PLDT Building, Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo, Cebu City. You may also email at mblargo@pbsp.org.ph.

Help PBSP do more for the Cebu hillylands. Join the 2009 Cebu Hillylands Reforestation Caravan!