Monday, March 16, 2009

The 2nd Olango Challenge

Dear Friends,

It is with great pride that Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), along with the Philippine Amateur Swimming Association (PASA) present the 2nd OLANGO CHALLENGE, a fund and awareness raising swim for the benefit of the people of Olango Island. This is the second open-water marathon swim in the Philippines, and for this year, the course will take a northward bearing of approximately six kilometers and running parallel to the Mactan Island shoreline facing the Gilutongan Channel.

Last year’s 5-kilometer swim across the Gilotungan channel successfully contributed to the Olango Island Development Program (OIDP) where proceeds from the funds raised allowed for the construction of a classroom for Canadagsao Elementary School, Barangay Talima, on Olango Island. The goal of the OIDP is to improve the lives of some 2,300 families on Olango Island in the delivery of basic social services, the availability of sustainable income opportunities and the rehabilitation of the unique environment of the island. The OIDP has gained fround towards its goals but continues to require financial support to sustain the program’s operations. As such, the OLANGO CHALLENGE will allow for further construction of classrooms, fund livelihood projects and establish more marine sanctuaries on Olango.

PBSP and PASA will be pleased to receive interested swimmers, competitive and enthusiast alike, to the 2nd OLANGO CHALLENGE, which will once again be proudly held in the Province of Cebu. On April 18, 2009 - a hundred swimmers will swim again, supporting the people of Olango. This is not just a race in the spirit of competitive sport, but more importantly assists the OIDP to achieve its goals for the people of Olango Island, whose lives are shaped by the sea that surrounds them. The 2nd OLANGO CHALLENGE will provide a venue for boosting efforts being undertaken to help fulfill the core mission of PBSP – that of uplifting Filipinos from poverty.

We invite your participation to become part of this unique event. Come and swim with us!

Jose Antonio Aboitiz
Chairman, PBSP in the Visayas

Mark P. Joseph
President, PASA
Deputy Secretary General, Philippine Olympic Committee

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