Friday, June 23, 2006

Mrs. Belen King To Visit A. King Projects in Cebu

Mrs. Belen King, wife of Mr. Angelo King, will visit PBSP A. King Projects in Cebu on July 1, 2006. From the Shangri-la Hotel where she and her staff will be billeted, Mrs. King will visit first the Cebu Eastern Furniture Producers Coop (CEFPMPC) Building in Barangay Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City. There will be a brief interaction with CEFPMPC members and officers, inspection of the building, and photo ops. The CEFPMPC Multi-Purpose Center houses the coop members' best products (export-quality furniture and furnishings), and is being used as a meeting place for the members and officers. Birthdays and special occasions are also held in the center.

The next building to be visited will be the the Lapu-lapu City Science and Technology High School Speech Laboratory in Barangay Basak, Lapu-Lapu City. There will also be a brief interaction with some LLSTEC community, photo-ops, and a brief program prepared by the school. The building houses the state-of-the-art speech lab facility; where language skills of top students of Lapu-Lapu City are trained.

Afterwards, the group will proceed to the Tabok Workers Multi-Purpose Coop (TWMPC) Center in Barangay Tabok, Mandaue City. There will also be an interaction with TWMPC officers and members, inspection of the building, and photo-ops. The TWMPC Multi-Purpose Center is a tangible testimony of the coop's growth from zero capital to now multi-million peso cooperative. The center is the coop's business center, and where some its production processes are done.

The visit of Mrs. King is being coordinated by the PBSP Operations Group with the PBSP Visayas Regional Office through Ms. Edith Desabelle, Program Officer for the Metro Cebu Workforce and Education Program wherein the A. King projects to be visited are parts of.