Wednesday, April 26, 2006

PBSP VIXCOM Chair is now PBSP Trustee

The Chair of the PBSP Visayas Executive Committee (VIXCOM), Mr. John F. Domingo who is also the President of the Magellan Veneer Corporation, a PBSP Member Company, has been appointed as PBSP Trustee.

In a letter to Mr. Domingo from Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan, PBSP Chair, Mr. Pangilinan said:

"The PBSP Board unanimously resolved to grant your appointment, keeping in mind your presence in previous board meetings to represent the Visayas Regional Executive Committee (VixCom). The appointment will formalize your representation in the Board, as Chair of the VIXCOM. It was also agreed that the Chairs of the regional executive committees would also be invited during the meetings of the Executive Committee."

This is a very proud moment for the PBSP Visayas Regional Office.