Friday, February 10, 2006

PBSP VRO Implementing Strategies

1 Area Resource Management (ARM)
  • Implement the ARM Programs in 6 Sites: (1) Cebu Watershed Management Program (CWMP), (2) Samar Resource Management Program (SRMP), (3) Consolidated Bohol ARM Program, (4) Cebu Workforce and Education Program, (5) Olango Island Development Program (OIDP), and (6) Negros Occidental Area Resource Management Program (Negros ARM);
  • Integrate Metro Cebu Area Resource Management Programs (Workforce, Olango, CWMP) into one big program;
  • Consolidate efforts in the development of the Programs in Central and Northern Bohol;
  • Strengthen partnerships with LGUs, government line agencies and local NGOs for a more efficient implementation of programs and projects;
  • Increase coverage from 17 to 32 Cities and Municipalities;
  • Increase coverage from 64 to 144 barangays resulting to:
    • Reduction of poverty among 37,831 households
    • 500 houses built and improved
    • 23,461 jobs generated
    • 13,426 households with access to potable water systems
    • Reforestation of 9,553 hectares
    • Establishment of 3,582 hectares with agro-forestry features
    • Establishment of 277 hectares of mangrove reforestation
    • Establishment of 18 marine protected areas

2. Membership and Corporate Involvement Program
  • Recruit at least 47 new Member Companies;
  • Strengthen the involvement of 70 Visayas-based Member Companies and branches of Manila-based MCs for the various activities and programs in the Visayas;
  • Mainstream CSR as a major core business policy of the business sector;
  • Create a CSR-conscious Visayas business community with the implementation of CSR technologies such as Greening the Supply Chain, Linking WOrlds (Corporate Volunteering), TB DOTS and other Workplace issues, SCOPE, CVED, Benchmarking, and other emerging Corporate Citizenship programs;
  • Take the lead in implementing the Millenium Development Goals in the Visayas.

3. Resource Mobilization Strategies
  • Increase business sector contribution through: Christmas Card Fund Campaigns; Adopt-A-Hectare in the Visayas; Employee-Giving Campaigns; and Gifts-in-Kind;
  • Influence Companies to implement their CSR Programs/Core business in ARM Programs;
  • Introduce new fund-raising activities like Concerts, Fun Run, Ed.Quest, etc;
  • Secure block funds from ADB, WB, UNDP among others for the expansion of STEP-UP in Metro Cebu and EU for CWMP and Bohol, and other bilateral institutions and international donors with province-wide development programs;
  • Intensify revenue-generating projects (Samar Hatchery, Training Center);
  • Tap government agencies (ODA, CDA) for financial assistance;
  • Forge alliances with groups that have strategic interests in poverty alleviation; e.g. Caritas and CBE for Metro Cebu, CUSW & PCEEM for Cebu Hillylands and OCEANCARE for Olango.