Thursday, February 23, 2006

PBSP Welcomes Nine New Visayas-based Member Companies

The nine new member companies of PBSP holding their membership plaques together with PBSP Board of Trustees, Mr. Roberto E. Aboitiz of Aboitiz & Company (left), PBSP Chair Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan of PLDT Co (5th fron the left), and Mrs. Maria Luisa Perez-Rubio of Ponderosa Farms, Inc. (6th from left).

The Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) recognized nine new Cebu-based member companies. The recognition was done during PBSP’s 18th Visayas Annual Membership Meeting (VAMM) held last February 22, 2006 at the Casino Español de Cebu. This brings PBSP’s roster of member companies to 211.

Established in 1970, PBSP is a corporate-led foundation dedicated to the promotion of business sector commitment in poverty reduction. PBSP’s social development efforts in the Visayas began in 1988 with the implementation of Hillyland Development Program (HDP) in the Central Cebu protected watersheds. As a partnership between PBSP, the Cebu City government and the business sector, HDP was geared towards the reforestation of the denuded Central Cebu watersheds and the improvement of the livelihood of the people living in the watershed barangays. At present, PBSP Visayas is managing poverty reduction and corporate social responsibility programs that have benefited more than 23,000 households in Bohol, Cebu, Negros Occidental and Samar.

The poverty reduction programs implemented by PBSP are opportunities for the business sector to be directly involved in social development. The nine new Cebu-based member companies of PBSP are: Andy’s Food Chain, Boyla Dive Center, ER Laguna Construction, Garces Royal Garden and Food Service, GA Satellite Ventures Inc., Global Network Communications Solutions Inc., Janice Minor Export Inc., Mactan Rock Industries Inc., and Mastercraft Philippines Inc.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

PBSP Visayas Holds Successful 18th VAMM

The Philippine Business for Social Progress - Visayas has successfully conducted its 18th Visayas Annual Membership Meeting with the theme: "PBSP Visayas at 18: Leading Corporate Citizenship". Held at the Casino Español de Cebu, the 18th VAMM was presided by PBSP Visayas Executive Committee (VIXCOM) Chair, Mr. John F. Domingo. Also present were: Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan, PBSP Chair & PLDT Chair and Ms. Maria Luisa Perez-Rubio, PBSP Board of Trustee and co-founder of PBSP, PBSP Luzon Regional Committee Chair, Mr. Jose Antonio Banson, Ambassador of Canada to the Philippines His Excellency Peter Sutherland, Cebu City Vice-Mayor Michael Rama, and Consul Moya Jackson of the United Kingdom.

Around 3oo guests attended the event. These came from officers of PBSP member companies and non-member companies, Corporate Social Responsibility partners, officers from the Provincial and City Governments of Cebu, PBSP partners from local governments in the Visayas, government agencies, partners and donors of PBSP, representatives from civil society groups, academe and media.

Her Excellencty President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was the Keynote Speaker of the 18th VAMM. She cited the men and women of PBSP for their contribution to nation-building and their mature approach to the spirit and legacy of EDSA People Power 1. She also cited the organization for supporting her projects to help the poor. "EDSA 1 has become an enduring part of our history. You honor the struggle of EDSA by bringing justice to the people. You demonstrate the transformed and mature fight for economic and social justice since EDSA 1," she said.

The President recalled that since its establishment in 1970, PBSP has created "positive change without going outside the system." She also said two EDSA People Power events have happened in the country and were accepted by the Filipino people and the world community.

The President also urged the leaders of PBSP to continue helping her administration in the battle against poverty and pursue the gains generated by fiscal and economic reforms. The country's economy is on the right track, the Philippine peso is getting stronger against the US dollar, investments continue to pick up, there is a rising business outlook, inflation is under control, the budget deficit is way below target and savings are up, the tourism industry is creating more job opportunities; and the stock market remains bullish, she said. "Our vision is permanent political and economic stability to take us to the threshold of the First World in twenty years," she added.

The President congratulated the PBSP for showing its concerns for the victims of the landslide in St. Bernard town in Southern Leyte.

Meanwhile, PBSP chairman and PLDT president Manuel V. Pangilinan stressed the legacy of PBSP's 35th year in social development in the country and of PBSP Visayas' 18 years. He also mentioned the thrusts of PBSP in the coming years. Mr. Pangilinan also informed the President that PBSP, in partnership with Gawad Kalinga, will build 100 homes free of charge for the victims of St. Bernard landslides and will donate another P5 million for the rehabilitation of the livelihood activities of the families affected.

The President was accompanied by members of her Cabinet and members of the diplomatic corps and the UN Resident Coordinator.

Monday, February 20, 2006

PBSP Presents "Best of Visayas Fair"

A showcase of products from a very select group of Visayas subcontractors and peoples' organizations will be presented at the "Best of Visayas Fair". The Fair will be opened on February 22, 2006 at 3:00 P.M., at the SM City Cebu Trade Hall. This will be done immediately after the 18th PBSP Visayas Annual Membership Meeting. This will run until February 26, 2006.

The participating groups for the "Best of Visayas Fair" are assisted subcontractors and cooperatives of the different Programs and Units of PBSP in the Visayas. The Fair expects to generate market linkages and revenues for these groups. The officers and members of these participating groups are also expected to enhance their skills in product packaging, labelling, processing and networking with various market linkages. Other than the exhibits, there will be various Fora for the subcontractors and small entrepreneurs. (Please see poster for more details.)

The Fair is coordinated by the Workforce and Education Development Program. For inquiries, please call Ms Edith Desabelle at Telephone Numbers (32) 232-5283/70 or email at madesabelle@pbsp.org.ph.

Everybody is enjoined to please come and visit our booths and help the small subcontractors and cooperatives in the Visayas!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

PBSP Gears Up for Southern Leyte Relief Operations

The Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) has deployed a pool of staff from its Training and Consulting (TC) Group to join efforts with the Provincial Government of Southern Leyte for relief operations for the victims of the Guinsaogon, St. Bernard, Southern Leyte mudslide disaster last February 16, 2006. Working closely with the Integrated Provincial Health Office of Southern Leyte, the PBSP team is now distributing food items to survivors.

Meanwhile, the PBSP Visayas Regional Office has worked with the Mirant Philippines Foundation and the Mirant Global Toledo Power Corporation, for the shipment of Php200,000 worth of goods for the relief operations in St. Bernard. PASAR Foundation volunteered their trucks to bring the goods to the evacuation sites.

The Cebu Provincial Government Disaster Coordinating Council has provided full support for the PBSP Visayas and Mirant relief goods shipment by providing free usage of two trucks and free passage of the trucks and people courtesy of Roble Shipping.

Meanwhile, the PBSP Head Office is also receiving more assistance from PBSP member companies for various food items and other goods for the St. Bernard survivors and their families. PBSP member companies, CSR partners and friends are also encouraged to provide more relief goods like foods items, blankets, mats, mosquito nets, flashflights, slippers, ropes, mosquito repellent, and rescue support assistance.

For more inquiries, please contact or email the following:

Ramon Derige for PBSP Head Office
3/F PSDC Building, Real Corner Magallanes Streets
Intramuros, Manila
(02) 527-7741 to 52
Email: rrderige@pbsp.org.ph

Danny Cerence for PBSP Visayas Regional Office
4/F PLDT Building, Juan Luna Avenue
Mabolo, Cebu City
(032) 232-5270/83
Email: dmcerence@pbsp.org.ph

Rene Fortuno and Eric Macanas for PBSP-TC Southern Leyte
LEAD Project
Maasin, Southern Leyte
Email: rmfortuno@pbsp.org.ph

Thursday, February 16, 2006

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Confirms Attendance to the PBSP 18th VAMM

The Visayas Regional Office (VRO) of the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) will celebrate its 18th Visayas Annual Membership Meeting (VAMM) on February 22, 2006 at the Casino Español de Cebu, Cebu City.

Meanwhile, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has confirmed her attendance to the 18th VAMM and she will deliver the Keynote Address.

Some 300 guests are expected to attend the affair composed of PBSP Board of Trustees, PBSP Visayas Executive Committee, PBSP Member Companies and non-Member Companies, CSR partners, members of the Diplomatic Corps, donor agencies, partner organizations, civil society groups, local government units, government line agencies, academe and the media.

The VAMM is an annual affair of PBSP in the Visayas to report to its members and the public what PBSP has accomplished in the past fiscal year and what are its plans for the coming years. The theme this year is: "PBSP at 18: Leading Corporate Citizenship".

Monday, February 13, 2006

PBSP Christmas Card Fund Campaign 2006

Design 4. Please email your inquiries and orders to pbspvro@pbsp.org.ph

PBSP Christmas Card Fund Campaign 2006

Design 3. Please email your inquiries and orders to pbspvro@pbsp.org.ph

PBSP Christmas Card Fund Campaign 2006

Design 2. Please email your inquiries and orders to pbspvro@pbsp.org.ph

PBSP Christmas Card Fund Campaign 2006

Design 1. Please email your inquiries and orders to pbspvro@pbsp.org.ph

New PBSP Logo

Introducing the new logo of the Philippine Business for Social Progress. This was officially launched during PBSP's Annual Membership Meeting last January 24, 2006, at the Hotel Nikko. For more info, please visit our website.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Mandate of the PBSP Visayas Regional Operations

PBSP in the Visayas is the leader in the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and in the implementation of social development programs and projects that would significantly reduce poverty.

In its effort to reduce poverty, PBSP in the Visayas uplifts the lives of lowland farmers, sustenance fisherfolks, landless rural workers, urban poor and marginal upland farmers by engaging in multi-sectoral partnerships in the implementation of the Area Resource Management (ARM) programs.

In the promotion of CSR, PBSP in the Visayas encourages the business sector to integrate CSR into their core business policies.

The CVED, SMEC and the technologies developed by CCC and TC shall be proactively mainstreamed into VRO's operations.

PBSP Christmas Card Fund Campaign 2006

Please support PBSP Christmas Card Fund Campaign 2006. Each card costs Php 20.00 and a tree will be planted for each card recipient. The trees will support the reforestation campaign of our Cebu Watershed and Management Program in five upland barangays in the Central Cebu Protected Landscape.

There are also a wide array of Designs for Corporate or Individual Buyers who would opt to have exclusive designs printed for their Christmas Cards. Logo printing is included.

The PBSP Christmas Cards is a gift to last for generations! Orders can already be placed in our office. Please email pbspvro@pbsp.org.ph or please call Chellow or Maita at tel. nos. (6332) 232-5283/ 232-5270, or fax at (6332) 232-5286.

PBSP VRO Implementing Strategies

1 Area Resource Management (ARM)
  • Implement the ARM Programs in 6 Sites: (1) Cebu Watershed Management Program (CWMP), (2) Samar Resource Management Program (SRMP), (3) Consolidated Bohol ARM Program, (4) Cebu Workforce and Education Program, (5) Olango Island Development Program (OIDP), and (6) Negros Occidental Area Resource Management Program (Negros ARM);
  • Integrate Metro Cebu Area Resource Management Programs (Workforce, Olango, CWMP) into one big program;
  • Consolidate efforts in the development of the Programs in Central and Northern Bohol;
  • Strengthen partnerships with LGUs, government line agencies and local NGOs for a more efficient implementation of programs and projects;
  • Increase coverage from 17 to 32 Cities and Municipalities;
  • Increase coverage from 64 to 144 barangays resulting to:
    • Reduction of poverty among 37,831 households
    • 500 houses built and improved
    • 23,461 jobs generated
    • 13,426 households with access to potable water systems
    • Reforestation of 9,553 hectares
    • Establishment of 3,582 hectares with agro-forestry features
    • Establishment of 277 hectares of mangrove reforestation
    • Establishment of 18 marine protected areas

2. Membership and Corporate Involvement Program
  • Recruit at least 47 new Member Companies;
  • Strengthen the involvement of 70 Visayas-based Member Companies and branches of Manila-based MCs for the various activities and programs in the Visayas;
  • Mainstream CSR as a major core business policy of the business sector;
  • Create a CSR-conscious Visayas business community with the implementation of CSR technologies such as Greening the Supply Chain, Linking WOrlds (Corporate Volunteering), TB DOTS and other Workplace issues, SCOPE, CVED, Benchmarking, and other emerging Corporate Citizenship programs;
  • Take the lead in implementing the Millenium Development Goals in the Visayas.

3. Resource Mobilization Strategies
  • Increase business sector contribution through: Christmas Card Fund Campaigns; Adopt-A-Hectare in the Visayas; Employee-Giving Campaigns; and Gifts-in-Kind;
  • Influence Companies to implement their CSR Programs/Core business in ARM Programs;
  • Introduce new fund-raising activities like Concerts, Fun Run, Ed.Quest, etc;
  • Secure block funds from ADB, WB, UNDP among others for the expansion of STEP-UP in Metro Cebu and EU for CWMP and Bohol, and other bilateral institutions and international donors with province-wide development programs;
  • Intensify revenue-generating projects (Samar Hatchery, Training Center);
  • Tap government agencies (ODA, CDA) for financial assistance;
  • Forge alliances with groups that have strategic interests in poverty alleviation; e.g. Caritas and CBE for Metro Cebu, CUSW & PCEEM for Cebu Hillylands and OCEANCARE for Olango.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

PBSP Visayas is 18 Years !

PBSP Visayas Regional Office celebrates 18 years of operations through its
Visayas Annual Membership Meeting on February 22, 2006 at 9:00 A.M., at the Salon de España of the Casino Español de Cebu, Ranudo Street, Cebu City.